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Soul Mates

God knew what he was doing,
When He brought us two together.
You needed me,
I needed you.

From the moment we first began to speak,
I felt as if I'd known you forever.
Maybe in some other lifetime,
Our souls had met before.

All I can say,
Is that your friendship and love bring me so much joy.
I can truly say in the little time we have met,
That I love you.

I can open my heart to you,
And tell you anything.
My hopes, my dreams, My fantasies,
My inner most secrets.

I do so miss you when you are not online,
and my heart skips a beat,
when my ICQ beeps, or get an e-mail,
From you.

Your friendship and love,
Mean the world to me,
And I can never thank our Lord above enough,
For bringing us together.

Even though our worlds,
Are so far apart,
Your love will forever,
Remain in my heart.

Written November 18,1998
For Stephen L. Ramsey


Deborah L. Hartzell

As of 12/16/2000 I'm Mrs. Stephen L. Ramsey