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The Land of Enchanted Dreams
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There is a place you can go when your soul needs rest

It's called the Land of Enchanted Dreams

You can get there by closing your eyes and believing

It's a mystical place where all your dreams come true

There you will find the fairies playing

They will invite you to come play too

You can catch a glimpse of the Unicorns

Running through the misty fields

They may even come up to you and ask you to run too

It's a place full of rainbows that have no end

A place so full of beauty you'll never want this dream to end

Everything in this land is so gentle and alive

Come and let the Trolls be your guide

They'll take you to the waterfall

Where you can smell the fresh cool air

They will take you high upon the hill

To watch the Cherubs descending from above

So when you are ready for your dreams to come true

Lay down close your eyes and drift into a slumber

The Land of Enchantment and all its Dreams

Are waiting for you

LilAngel 1998