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You unconditional love has brought back my health.

I was gone from you oh so long,

I have returned to love you from now on.

You are my first thought in the morn,

The last thought of my eve,

Your light shines through me,

I know you will never leave.

You have turned me into a wondrous child,

A child who will never leave your side.

I know you will never leave me,

For you are my light and my guide.

I have been blessed day by day,

Through your heartfelt touch,

And your warm friendly chats.

I have forgotten what it was like to ever go back.

I know you are using me for something special,

The strength you give me,

Helps me wake each day,

I know this disease will soon go away.

If not on this Earth,

The visitor I am,

In eternity with you,

Forever will I stand.

I know I will still be attacked,

from time to time,

But your love for me,

Will forever shine.

When I am afraid,

And think I lost my way,

I can lie down in your green pastures,

And you will take the fear away.

My love for you,

Will forever stand.

You have bought my life,

And I am in your hands.

LilAngel 1997