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Like a lost and lonely child,

She knelt down on her knees.

She weeped to her Father up above,

"Dear God, why me?"

Her heart was shattered,

Into tiny pieces.

She could not stand the pain.

"God send me an Angel to make me whole again!"

She cried and wept,

She did not think God would answer her prayer,

Till one day he appeared,

The Angel she was waiting for.

He needed her,

As much as she needed him.

It was the love they were searching for,

Their hearts began to heal again.

Their love grows stronger,

Day by day.

They thank the LORD,

For sending them into each otherís lives.

Two Angels,

In search of healing hearts,

Found each other,

Through Godís undying love!!!

LilAngel aka Deb Hartzell 1998 ©