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He Knows My Name

LilAngel's Introduction

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Hi there. Welcome to my lil piece of Heaven. Im so glad you stopped by. *smile* Well I guess youd like to know a little bit about who LilAngel is. In the real world I am Deb or Debbie. I live in Sterling, Virginia just 20 miles outside of D.C. I am 33, happily married to my soul mate Stephen for a little over 5 years, and living with a chronic disease called Multiple Sclerosis. I realized after living with MS for almost 9 years, I should probably tell my story. I just started and you can read it here but it's far from being finished so be sure to keep checking back. I was diagnosed in May of 97 at the age of 24. I believe that I have had MS for at least 10 years prior to diagnosis. Its a very tricky disease to detect. I truly see my MS as a gift from God. Why do you ask? When I was diagnosed, my abusive boyfriend left me alone for good. Be sure and read my Abuse story, "Safe at Last" I also finished the story of how Stephen and I met. He's from Wales, and I'm American. I've been asked many times how we met. We actually met on the internet 7 1/2 years ago. You can read our Love story here.

My first and formost love in my life, is my God, my Father. He has saved my life and has never left my side through any of the trials and tribulations I have encountered. He has blessed me with a wonderful family and the greatest friends. To read the story of how I returned to the Lord, be sure to read my testimony.

I love angels, and I collect them. Many of the angels I have in my house have been given to me as gifts. I believe that we all encounter angels seen and unseen on a daily basis. I have a page of really pretty angels, along with quotes that I have found on the Internet.

I love to read and write poetry. Most of the poems I have on my page are about me living with MS and the blessings that God has given to me. I also have poems on my page written some for and some dedicated to, all written by me to my dear husband Stephen. He is truly a gift from God. You can read my poetry by going to my Poetry Garden.

I have more pages to look through and you can get there by going to my Site Map

Again, thanks for stopping by. Come and stay as long as you like. Please sign my guestbook before you go. I'd love to know you were here. God bless you and keep you always.