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He Knows My Name

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MS Awareness Week: March 13-17, 2006

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LilAngel's Introduction

If this is your first visit,
I'd love for you to read my introduction.
It tells about me, and what you will find
on my page. If you've been here before,
I've updated the page. Please come check
it out. So good to have you back. *smile*

True Love

The meeting of me and my husband Stephen

Stephen's Page

My husband Stephen is Welsh and I'm American


These are all the groups that I am a proud member of

Life What a
Beautiful Choice!

Heaven Leigh
Adopted: November 13,1998

November 30, 1972


My Testimony

My Abuse Story




My MS Story

My Angelic Friends

A Sign from GOD


Christian Links

Awards I Have Won

The Baby We'll Never Have

Wedding Photos


Clck the Gate to see some of my My Favorite Verses
More to come

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