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My Precious Gift

What a shock it was To tell a 24 year old

She was living with a Chronic disease

She felt her youth had left

Just when it started

No more dancing for awhile

No more running around Acting crazy with friends

It was so devastating

What was MS anyway Why her?

What did she ever do so bad?

It was so horrible to think about

Then she heard the Lord

She wasn�t being punished

She was being used

He was just slowing her down

Everyday she flew past important things

The Lord was trying to show her

Now she can stop

Take the time to see this beauty

The pretty things she never noticed before

He was just giving her a break

From her fast, dangerous lifestyle

He didn�t give her MS because she was bad

He gave it to her,

because He loved her


� -LilAngel January 22,1998