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This page is all about my friends. The people who are so special to me, and the ones I treasure. I am not going in any order on who's the bestest or greatest friends, because I love you all the same. If you click on the names that are highlighted, you can see either their pictures or go to their homepages.

Stephen: I must say Stephen is my dearest friend in the world. Not only that but also my husband. We met on the internet August 9, 1998. I had always felt a connection to him when we first met. We met in real life July '99 and were already in love but it made all the differance in the world to see each other face to face. He moved to the States in Nov '00 from Wales. We then married 12/16/00 and have been together since.

Robin: I have known Robin about 17 years almost. She moved to Texas in 1997 to get married to a wonderful man Named Chris. I really miss her and my 13 year old niece Chrystelle, but I am so happy that we can talk on the Internet. Robin and Chris just had a baby girl February 2000 named Emily.

Teresa: Teresa has been my best friend for half my life. We've been friends for 20+ years. It's kinda funny though, when we met in 8th grade, we hated each other. Funny how things turn out. She has two adorable sons, Chuckie who is 12, and J.J. who is 10. I think she is the one person, besides God and Stephen, who knows everything about me.

Nancy: I met Nancy back in the either the begining of 2003 or the end of 2002. I've adopted her as my internet Mom. She lost her daughter to suicide in July '01. Although her daughter and I were very close in age I would never try and take Kassie's place nor would I ever be able to. I love you Mom. Thanks for always being an e-mail away.

Elaine: I met Elaine originally when she was in Heavens Angels.Elaine and her husband Al, also known as Angel Koala and Angel Piper, were both in HA, but took an extended LOA due to Fibromyalgia. Elaine and I are now E-mail buddies and it was she who introduced me to my Cyber Mom Nancy. Elaine is someone who is always just an e-mail away, and like Nancy, someone who will listen and understand.

Char:Is a dear sister in Christ. I belong to her wonderful prayer chain. She was the first person to ever give me an award. Be sure and visit Angels Bend Tennessee. You'll be blessed.

Jean:My sweet friend and sister in Christ. Jean has made me lots of gifts over the years. My favorite one me sitting in Jesus's lap.

Lorrie: Lorrie and I belong to the same church. I met her and her husband Tom in November '00 right before Stephen came out. We both had wonderful news. I was getting married, and she was pregnant with her eldest daughter Hannah. We talk on the phone a lot and hopefully I'll get stronger soon so we can do lunch again once a month. Her daughter Hannah will be 5 in April, and her daughter Haley will be 3 in July. I love you Girl!

Cindi: We used to host together in a self help forum. Although I am no longer hosting, we still remain close. I love you {{{{{MeLilLuckiCharm}}}}}

My Mom: I cannot forget my Mom. She gave birth to me. LOL!! Next to Stephen, my Mom Barbara is and forever always will be my best friend. Unfortuantly she doesn't want her picture added even though she is beautiful. She's been through so much. She raised 2 children from the time we were 10 and 11. My Dad left her and I believe she did an Awesome job. My brother and I are both Christ followers thanks to her unconditional love. We have almost lost her 3 times and if we did, I would be davastated. I love you Mommy. Click Here to see the poem I wrote for her.