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"Healing Hearts"

My heart was shattered it had become so hardened

Strangers came and took all the love I had away

I searched and searched yet could not find

Only the Lord was able to mend this heart of mine

I prayed for true love unconditional from a friend

I knew that answered prayer was the only way to mend

Tears and fear had become so unbearable

I lay awake at night weeping to my Lord

"Dear God, send an angel to heal my broken heart!"

Then like the sweet sound of a waterfall

You my friend came crashing into my life

At first I was terrified and thought this too good to be true

Then my heart began to dance

I felt the love that I so longed for

I found in you

My dearest friend so kind, loving, and supportive

You taught me how to love again, trust again

I thank the Lord every night for you

For the friendship you have shown me

The love you have shared with me

I asked God for a star

He sent me the moon

I asked God for a ray

He sent me the sun

I asked God for a friend

He sent me you

Thank you for healing my heart and showing me love again

And even though we are far apart

Your love is forever in my heart

� LilAngel aka Deb March 3,1998