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"He Knows My Name"

The Awards I Have Been Blessed With

This is my page of awards. Thanks to all who have belived in me!

Thank you so much Kathy
Received 4/17/06

Thank you so much Angel Hugs and Smiles
Received 4/1/2006

Thank you Christine
Received 2005

Thank you so much NightShade
Received 7/23/04

Thank you so much Heleca
Received 07/12/04

Thank you so much my dear friend Nancy
Received 2003

This is my very first award! Received in 1997
Thank you Char, for not only believing in me, but for my new found sister in Christ!

Received 2004
Louise thank you so much for my awards and the gifts you make

Received 2004
Thank you so much Catherine

Received 2002
Thank you Donna for my newest award. :-)

AngelHeart, thank you for these two!

AngelHeart I am so touched by these three new awards. *HUGS*

Again AngelHeart, your name says it all!!
Received 1998-1999

Thank you so much Samantha!

Kitten thanks so much!

Cathy, thank you so much!

*HUGS* Renata, thank you!