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Hi, my name is Nikki. Nikki Marie Hartzell-Ramsey to be exact. I just entered ďRAINBOW BRIDGEĒ on September 7, 2002. Itís a real great place here.
My 4 kittens are here. Well to me they are kittens still. Letís see here is Ben, Pandy Sue, Rascal, and my baby who died at birth.
They were calling her Angel up here, but I changed her name to Deborah, after my human mommy. I discussed it with their father B.J.
Itís been a long time since I have seen him. Still as handsome as ever. Mommy, if you are reading this, please donít be sad. You need to be strong for Frankie. Frankie is my little brother. Another cat, male at that. He's a bratty 3 year old. (Don't tell him that I loved him. SHHHHHHH) I lived a long life, and you were the best human mommy in the world. Donít ever beat yourself up ok?

Iím sorry I had to go. I know you were ok with it because you told me Mommy. She did tell me. She was crying when she told me, and it broke my heart, but I knew she was ready to let me go. Iíll be waiting for you Mommy, but donít come soon. Youíre too young. You know what? My mommy is the best. She always called me Angel Cookie Face. O.K. I can understand Angel and Face but Cookie? Mommy did I have crumbs on my face or something? I know it was just a cutesy nickname. Kind of like the one Papa who maybe saw me once my whole life (only because I hid from him), still calls you kitten, Mommy. Youíre married now but youíll always be his kitten. Well a human kitten. The name I donít understand is Grandma called me Funny Face. Was she making fun of me, or was that another cutesy nickname? That's allright Grandma. Your the best.(She's the one who fed us mostly)

Mommies guess what? Muffy just barked hello. Muffy was the dumb, sorry Muffy, dog in the family. She arrived in Rainbow Bridge um some time in the early 90ís. Well and all the other family cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. Letís see, here are Sylvester and Twinkie (the guinea pigs), um Teddy, my mommyís first dog/brother; cats Samantha, and Bootsie, mommyís sister and aunt; poodle Inky, mommyís uncle; and all the hamsters and goldfish. If we all were together weíd be a zoo.

Anyway just wanted you to know why this page is here. Mommy was asked to make a memorial for me, but instead I decided to make a memory page myself for a mommy, Grandma, step-daddio, and my brother all who love me. Oh and yeah cannot forget my cousin Autumne who called me Wicky at a young age.

Well I have to run. Thatís what we do here at the Bridge you know. Frolic and run. Mommy, please no more tears. I know you loved me, and I you. Goodbye, Farewell, Tata, see you some day. Love Always, Nikki